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Tutor Connect

About Us

“TutorConnect uses the Internet to present a novel business model that addresses a well-known social issue.”
Professor Muhammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Founder of Grameen Bank.

How It Works:

The navigation of our site is simple: Users visit our website and select a Knowledge "Universe" – (Tutor Connect lingo describing four broad categories of learning, from Tangible Skills to Academia). On the Knowledge Universe page is a list of all of the "Halos" that currently exist in that Universe. (A 'Halo' is Tutor Connect lingo for a subject, discipline or hobby). Click on the Halo that interests you to see the list of Tutors offering tuition in that Halo. You can filter the list of tutors by various criteria such as level of education, region, price and specialization.

Once the user selects a tutor by clicking on his or her profile, all that remains is for the user to click “connect” and proceed to our scheduling and payment platform.

The majority of tutoring sessions take place over the Internet through the highly advanced Tutor Trove © software. This allows students to see and hear their tutor. It also provides an interactive whiteboard for formulas and graphing.

Tutoring in Halos within the 'Pursue your Passion' universe, such as baseball or surfing, takes place in person. So when users search for tutors in these Halos, the system only selects tutors who are based in the same geographic region to help facilitate the process. Tutor Connect handles all administrative duties with regard to scheduling and payment.

What Makes Us Different:

While it is true that a number of online tutoring agencies already exist, Tutor Connect brings an innovative and dynamic approach – creating the world's first truly global forum for learning.

Tutor Connect attempts to stretch the boundaries for online tutoring by matching teachers and learners in subjects beyond those of traditional academia. From History to Hang-Gliding, anyone can learn and anyone can teach, provided they are over the age of 18.

Our service functions as an interactive, online marketplace, with the forces of supply and demand regulating tutor pricing. Tutors are free to decide the level of fees they wish to charge. However, they are kept in check by the existence of other tutors with similar qualifications. As tutors log more and more hours, and as their ranking, generated by our dynamic feedback mechanism, continues to improve, tutors can justifiably charge a higher hourly fee rate. This offers an incentive for tutors to continue to work with us, as well as to always do their best work when dealing with their students.

The Team:

Max Dunhill
Business Development
Currently a third year Politics and Middle Eastern Studies student at Edinburgh University, Dunhill has extensive work experience, including but not limited to, a three month internship with U.S. Senator Harry Reid, and spring weeks at both J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Dunhill has also volunteered in a Moldovan children's hospital for a summer, and helped build houses with Habitat for Humanity in Tanzania. At Edinburgh University, Dunhill has extensive leadership involvement with both the Trading and Investment Club and the iCUE Innovative Consulting Society. Max is an avid endurance athlete, and this year ran two triathlons and a half-marathon in the space of one month to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Konstantin Kudryavtsev
Web Development
MSc in High Performance Computing student at Edinburgh University. Konstantin has worked as an intern software developer for, leading UK online retailer and Mobile TeleSystems, the largest mobile operating company in Russia and CIS. Learning new technologies and business aspects has always been the main priority for Konstantin.
Chris Connelly
Web Development
Currently a final year undergraduate studying Computer Science at Edinburgh University. Chris has developed several websites freelance in his spare time and holds the Technical Director position in the iCUE Innovative Consulting Society. Chris enjoys the problem solving and software design challenges involved in developing interactive web applications.
Verity Davis
Visual Development
Currently a final year Graphic Design and Visual Communication student at Edinburgh University (previously Edinburgh College of Art), Verity has dedicated much of her freelance time towards briefs for companies and organizations including Astra Zeneca and College Connections. At Edinburgh University, Verity holds the Publicity and Creative Director position in charity committee of Water Aid. Verity loves the conceptual challenges and creative development associated with Graphic Design and is currently preparing for an internship with Edinburgh Design agency Tayburn.
Mark Dunhill
Non-Executive Chairman
Mark Dunhill was until July 2010 CEO of Fabergé, where he lead the team which has restored the famous name to its former position as one of the most desirable jewellers in the world. This project presented the opportunity for significant innovation in the provision of a luxury transactional online experience to Fabergé's ultrahigh net worth customer base. After Graduating from Oxford and prior to joining Fabergé, Dunhill worked for BP and Alfred Dunhill Ltd and is currently International Director for T.M. Lewin.